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About The RIOT

The RIOT is the youth center of Victory Christian Center where I currently serve. It was built in 2005 and has been reaching young people from people from the Ohio and Pennsylvania region. Inside the building you will find a cafe for students, an auditorium to play basketball /volleyball, a stage fully equipped with lights, sound system, instruments for services, and 2 jumbo screens, offices, our game room with arcade games, and our lounge. The Riot holds services, community events, and conferences that help young people experience a true relationship with God and how to live it in today’s world.

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PI Management


PIĀ Management is a company that works with public figures to helpĀ them develop their brand. We help develop websites, social media presence, non-profits, community events, and other areas that they would like to see developed. We realize every person may have different goals and we can help you reach those goals. There is an endless amount of options we can do for you. If you would like more information or would like to become a client please contact us.



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The Comeback Project

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The Comeback Project is a charitable organization formed by Maurice Clarett and Nate Ortiz. The heart of TCP is helping to creatively educate urban and inner city kids. We look to accomplish this through events that focus on kids being in a positive environment where they can grow as a person. If you are interested in more information of how you can get involved please email us or if you would like to donate please click the button below.

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